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Our strategic intent is guided by the following vision and mission statements, and deeply rooted to it's core values:


To be a frontier in developing creatively structured solutions for business efficiency and people development.



To offer unique business documents, business development services, and business advisory solutions, tailored to requirements by utilizing research data and incorporating exemplary expertise, therefore increasing our clients' value.

Core Values

Integrity: guaranteeing high levels of confidentiality to work and information.

Quality: assuring products of excellence with a blend of high professionalism.


Creativity: continuously delivering value based products that incline to trends.


What We Do

At DND, we professionally engage in the provision of structured business documents, business growth and development solutions, and advisory services by utilizing research data and a wealth of human expertise. Therefore, we catalyze the prosperity of individuals in business startups and corporations in modern environments.

In conformance to our core principles of Integrity, Quality and Creativity, we continuously guarantee the full satisfaction of our products to clients.

DOCNDATA BS SOLNS ...for that professional touch.


Our Works ==================================== -->

People & Business Solutions

Docndata Business Solutions has continuously analyzed and crafted distinct services guaranteed at satisfying the specific needs of the clientele. This is in line with the set-forth vision and mission of the business. Our years of practice and hands on experience in working with a wide array of individual and business documents has enabled us to structure products that best fit the needs of our clients.

i. Business Planning and Setup:

-Business Plans and Proposals Writing: to ensure you get financing from banks and other financial institutions, get approvals from government bodies, assist you in understanding financial and money management in business, analyze the market to grow sales, and help comply with the law for smooth business running.

-Company Profiles and Other Brandings: making you stand out with professional Business cards, Company profiles, Creative Logos with professional colour codes, helping you to create outstanding presentation slides for that strong pitch, and much more.

-Business Registration and Office Setup: we assist in registering businesses by ensuring documentations are in order, assist in Tax registration and tax returns filing services, helping you with those customer centered partitions as you set up your new office, and assist to keep your office up to date with all industry compliance documentations such as county permits, environmental compliance, new regulations updates among others.

ii. Business Coaching and Advisory:

-Professional Business Management: we step in to equip people in your organisation with the know-how in customer service, routine management of operations, interpersonal skills and professional conduct, related soft or otherwise termed essential skills for enhanced work relations, personal financial management and more.

-Presentation and Business Communication: as it is, communication largely determines workflow efficiency, we equip teams with professional skills in listening and speaking enhancing the corporate image, we bring in bespoke structures and skills to reinforce overall communications.

-Report Developmnent and Analysis: whether short term, long term, routine or onetime reports, the effectiveness of reports in decision making is crucial, we ensure you understand reports objective formulation, professional formatting of reports, content flow realignment and sentence structuring, simple MS Office data analysis for reports, and document ownership among others.

iii. Business Networking and Development:

-Networking Forums and Partner linkages: thriving businesses in modern times are driven by the "technical know what" and largely by the "technical know who", we provide you with contact rich networking events to ensure you create valuable circles, and offer bespoke partner linkages to corporates for business development.

-Professional Personal Branding: we professionally enhance your online profiles and physical profiles, cleaning and re-structuring of digital footprints, we offer tailor-made platforms such as one on linkedIn profiles, professional curriculum vitae, and develop outstanding biographies for you to stand out as a VIP in your sector.

-Referrals and Talent Sourcing: we assist organisations to acquire cutting edge skills-set to fill in vacant positions or for contractual partnerships, we also run referral programs where we recommend high quality audited and accredited organisations to other clients, we play the part in growing your sales and performance through talent sourcing and offering referrals

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Contact Us



0790 787 300


Nairobi, Kenya.

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